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Privacy Policy

Yabulara—Privacy Policy

This privacy statement is a description regarding the use of your personal information by our site—

Personal Information

More precisely known as “Device Information,” is the information that our site will collect on your arrival to the site. The information that is collected by our website includes the information regarding your device location, IP address, web browser in use, your time zone, and the cookies installed on the device. The site has retrieved the initial device information on the first visit, and after that, additional information will be retrieved regarding your site usage. Our website will collect the information as which sites and pages you visit, which products you like and what are your most frequent visiting pages? We will use this information to make your onsite experience more refined and rich.

Technology in Use

  • Browsing information:

For the sake of getting knowledge regarding your web browser, we use “Web Beacons, “Pixels,” and Tags.”

  • Cookies:

Cookies are the main source of getting the user information regarding the site usage, and these data files are present on your device and contain an anonymous identifier.

  • “Log Files”:

Log files are the backend files that contain the data regarding the device address, internet service in use, time of site usage, and type of browser in use.

Purchase Information

Apart from getting the basic customer information, the site also retrieves additional information on making any purchase through the website. The additional information that is required by the website includes the name of the customer, shipping address, billing address, billing information, email address, credit card information, etc. All the info retrieve under the purchase information head is essential to fulfil any order placed by the customer. In the whole privacy statement, we will use the word “Personal Information” to cater to the data regarding the purchase and device information.”

Usage Of Personal Information

We also would like to make it clear that all the information that we collect from you will be used by us to make your onsite experience more focused and enriched. The device information that we collect is required to make your browsing information according to your likes and preferences. Furthermore, the purchase information that we collect will be used by the site for the order fulfillment.

Your billing information will be used

For the order placement and fulfilment for the arrangement of shipping and more importantly, to communicate with you.

We use your personal and billing information to avoid potential frauds and risks. The data we collect regarding your onsite choices and likes will be used by our team to make targeted advertisements and to share the information regarding products you prefer in person.

Avoidance of Potential Risk

To evade potential risks and fraudulent activities, we verify the device information. Not only this, but we also use personal information to make your onsite experience more focused and targeted. The information we collect regarding our onsite client activities will also provide information regarding the success of advertising campaigns and marketing efforts.

Sharing Of Personal Information

To make your online experience highly promising and satisfying, we share your personal information with the third parties. We offer the excellent quality online experience to our clients with the help of various online partners. Thus, the sharing of your personal information makes it more enticing and convenient for us to provide you with the ultimate customer delight.

We use third-party services for the shipping purpose; thus, we are bound to share your shipping information with a shipping partner. Moreover, we use Google Analytics to analyze your onsite activities for the better user interface.

For example, we use Shopify to power our website, so you can read how Shopify uses your personal information simply by visiting: here:

Along with the sharing of your personal information with the third party service providers, we are bound to share your personal information to comply with the law of the state, for the protection of our rights and in case of demand made by the law regulating authorities.

Marketing and Advertisements

As mentioned before, we will use your personal information, including your device information and billing information for the sake of making targeted marketing communications and advertisements. Collecting the information regarding client behavior on site helps the business to create targeted marketing efforts and to save time and effort.

If you are interested to know more about targeted marketing efforts you can visit the site

No Tracking

If you have activated no tracking feature on your device, that doesn’t at all alter our data collection and usage practices. Our site will collect and use your personal information for the betterment of our services.

Clients’ Rights

In case a client is a European resident, he or she has the right to access the personal information that we hold about them. Furthermore, they can ask for correcting, deleting, or updating their personal information anytime. To exercise your right, you can contact our customer care team through the information provided below.

Additionally, we want to clarify that the information that we retrieve from our European clients might be shared with the third parties outside Europe, including the United States and Canada for the fulfilment of orders.

Retention of Data

On placing an order with us through our site, we will maintain your personal information and purchase information for future orders as well. All the information regarding client order and the device will be maintained by our staff in our records until asked for deletion by the client.

Policy Changes

Our privacy policy may get updated with time due to changes and amendments in the legal policies, rules, regulations, and operational amendments. To keep track of policy changes, you can visit our privacy policy page anytime you want.

Age Restriction

The use of the site by the individuals below 18 years age is strictly prohibited.

Contact us

To gain more information regarding our privacy policy and to file any complaints, you can contact us using our email address For any question and query regarding the use of personal information by us, you can contact our customer care team anytime!